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Experience reliable solutions for denture care at Millersville Family Dentistry. Our denture rebase and repair services in Millersville, MD, are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and restoring the functionality of your dentures. Whether you need adjustments, relining, or repairs, our skilled team is committed to providing top-quality results that enhance your oral health and overall well-being. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a confident smile. Schedule a consultation with Millersville Family Dentistry today to benefit from our personalized denture services and regain the comfort you deserve. Your optimal dental experience begins here.

Denture Rebase & Repairs

Denture rebases and repairs are essential services for maintaining the functionality and comfort of dentures. Over time, wear and tear can lead to discomfort, improper fit, or damage. Rebase involves replacing the pink acrylic base of the denture to ensure a secure fit and optimal function. Repairs address issues like cracks, fractures, or broken teeth. Skilled dental professionals assess the denture’s condition and make necessary adjustments or replacements to restore its effectiveness and your confidence in daily activities.

When Is a Denture Reline Necessary?

A denture reline becomes necessary when changes in the jaw’s shape or gum tissue occur, affecting the denture’s fit. This natural process can lead to discomfort, looseness, or slipping. Relining involves reshaping the inner surface of the denture to match the current contours of your mouth better, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Regular relining is recommended to maintain optimal comfort and functionality, ensuring your dentures continue to provide a secure and reliable solution for daily activities.

Types of Dentures Relines

The choice between hard and soft denture relines depends on factors like comfort preferences, oral health conditions, and your dentist’s recommendation. Consulting a dental professional will help determine the most suitable option for your specific needs. There are two primary types of denture relines. They are:
● Hard Denture Reline – A hard denture reline involves replacing the denture’s acrylic base with a new layer of hard acrylic material. This type of reline offers durability and longevity, providing a stable fit. However, it requires more time and is typically performed in a dental laboratory.
● Soft Denture Reline – A soft denture reline involves applying a pliable, cushioning material to the denture’s base. This material conforms to the contours of your mouth, providing enhanced comfort and reduced irritation, especially for those with sensitive gums or bone resorption. Soft relines are less durable than hard relines and may require replacement more frequently.

What to Send Our Denture Repair Lab for a Reline

When sending your denture to our repair lab for a reline, ensure you include the denture itself, cleaned and free of debris. Providing accurate impressions of your mouth, taken by a dental professional, if possible, aids in achieving a precise fit. Clear instructions outlining your concerns and preferences are essential. Include your contact information for communication and label the package with our lab’s address. If relevant, provide insurance or payment information. Proper packaging is crucial to prevent damage during shipping. For a streamlined process, follow any specific instructions or forms provided by our lab. We’re here to ensure a successful denture reline for your comfort and satisfaction.

When Is a Denture Rebase Necessary?

A denture rebase is necessary when the pink acrylic base of the denture requires replacement. Over time, wear and changes in your mouth’s structure can lead to an improper fit, discomfort, or instability. Rebasing of complete dentures involves creating a new base while retaining the existing denture teeth. This process ensures a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing both the function and longevity of your denture. If you’re experiencing fit issues or discomfort, a denture rebase could be the solution to restore your denture’s effectiveness and your confidence in daily activities.

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Rediscover the comfort and confidence of a well-fitting denture with Millersville Family Dentistry’s specialized rebasing and repair services. Whether you need adjustments, relining, or repairs, our expert team ensures your dentures fit securely and comfortably. Beyond denture care, we offer a wide spectrum of dental services, including preventive care, emergency denture repair service, cosmetic enhancements, oral surgery, and more. Schedule a consultation today to explore how our comprehensive solutions can enhance your dental health and overall well-being. Choose Millersville Family Dentistry for your complete dental care journey.

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