LOCATOR Attachment Dentures in Millersville, MD

Comprehensive LOCATOR Attachment Denture Treatment

LOCATOR Attachment Dentures in Millersville, MD

It’s time to step away from the discomfort and hassle of traditional dentures. Millersville Family Dentistry provides the gold standard in stable and reliable smile restorations with LOCATOR attachment denture procedures in Millersville, MD. Discover cutting-edge restoration solutions that award you your most confident smile with our state-of-the-art LOCATOR implant attachment system.

Your Smile Restoration Destination

Our skilled restoration experts at Millersville Family Dentistry are here to help you achieve your smile goals. We understand the importance of functional, comfortable, and stable dentures. That’s why we provide LOCATOR attachment denture systems that open the door to a new level of confidence and secure wear with enhanced functionality.

LOCATOR Implant Attachment System

The LOCATOR implant attachment system is recognized as the most trusted name in overdenture restorations. This innovative smile solution is versatile, with over 280 implant connection options. The LOCATOR implant attachment system is the answer for patients looking for increased denture stability and support, providing unmatched retention and a natural look and feel.

Types of Attachments

Dentures using LOCATOR attachments offer patients the best overdenture attachment connection available. The types of attachments include:

  • Implant attachment for implant-retained overdentures
  • Bar attachment with enhanced retention, durability, self-alignment, and a low-profile design
  • Root attachment with straight and two-angle post options to satisfy divergent roots

One System, Multiple Benefits

LOCATOR implant denture system is at the forefront of innovative denture technology. This one system boasts a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Pivoting technology for a resilient connection and a full range of rotational movement.
  • Self-alignment features for precise placement without hassle or damage to attachment pieces.
  • Enhanced longevity and durability.
  • Lowest vertical height to save on interocclusal space.

Versatility In Retention & Angulation

One of the key factors that sets the LOCATOR implant attachment system ahead of the competition is its versatility in retention and angulation. Retention and angulation options include:

  • Dual retention LOCATOR Males for increased surface area retention
  • Extended Range Males for non-parallel implant restoration with 20 degrees of angulation and 40 degrees of divergence


The LOCATOR implant denture system includes a LOCATOR core tool. This three-in-one tool carries and situates the abutment, adjusts the LOCATOR male, and places the male into the denture cap. The LOCATOR tool ensures simple maintenance and a secure fit, promoting optimal patient comfort and impeccable results.

LOCATOR Attachment Denture Procedure

Following a consultation where we assess your oral health, goals, and requirements, we begin with implant placement, which serves as the anchor for the LOCATOR implant attachment system. LOCATOR males are then connected to the dentures, and LOCATOR females will be connected to the implant abutments.

LOCATOR Attachment Denture Maintenance

Following your LOCATOR implant attachment system procedure, we encourage our patients to schedule routine follow-ups. This enables our professionals to monitor your LOCATOR attachment denture’s health, stability, and placement. Count on our experts for comprehensive care that encourages long-term results.

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Transform your smile with stability, comfort, and confidence. Millersville Family Dentistry in Millersville, MD, is here to provide you with the best dental restorations with our LOCATOR attachment denture system. Contact our friendly team today to schedule a consultation and discover whether the LOCATOR implant attachment system is right for you.

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