Fixed Denture Implants in Millersville, MD

Happy Patient After a Successful Fixed Denture Procedure in Millersville, MDOvercome the troubles of a missing tooth or teeth and invest in your oral health and smile. Discover the meeting point of advanced restorative dentistry technology and unparalleled cosmetic value with Millersville Family Dentistry. Our trusted experts are Millersville, MD’s leading choice for fixed dentures, a secure alternative to conventional, removable dentures.

Restore Oral Function & Aesthetics

Missing teeth can lead to oral health complications, ranging from loss of bone density to periodontal concerns and beyond. With fixed dentures, patients can combat these unfavorable occurrences and preserve the form, function, and beauty of their smiles. Fixed dentures are the key to a stable, secure, and comfortable smile that lasts a lifetime.

Understanding Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures, also referred to as fixed implant dentures, are long-term restorations that connect to dental implants surgically implanted in the jawbone. These dental devices cannot be removed like conventional dentures and instead offer maximized stability, durability, and comfort for a smile that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

Fixed Dentures Options

Millersville Family Dentistry offers patients a number of high-quality fixed denture options. From dental crowns and bridges connected to implants to replace one or a couple of teeth to inlays and onlays that restore the hidden and visible tooth structures, as well as complete restorations using all-on-four-implants to replace the entirety of the arch, we do it all.

Fixed Partial Dentures

At Millersville Family Dentistry, we extend our expertise towards helping patients in search of full and partial fixed dentures. In contrast to standard fixed dentures, partial fixed dentures replace a few consecutive or non-consecutive missing teeth. This treatment can be achieved using crowns, inlays, onlays, or a dental bridge.

The Advantages of Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures boast a number of leading benefits. The advantages of fixed dentures include:

  • Stable and secure for a permanent fit
  • Natural look and feel
  • Protect and enhance oral health and jawbone density
  • Mitigate facial sinking, structural changes, and shifting of remaining teeth
  • Comfortable and seamless wear
  • Optimized function and comfort
  • Minimized risk of discoloration

Removable vs Permanent Fixed Dentures

Permanent fixed dentures are the gold standard of smile restoration. Removable dentures often call for messy adhesives and are prone to slipping, awkward wear, and sore spots that compromise oral function. As fixed dentures are permanent, they eliminate these inconveniences and mirror the look and feel of your natural smile for long-term results.

Fixed Implant Dentures Process

Implant dentures are a two-part procedure. Following the initial consultation, the first appointment is used to surgically implement the titanium posts that will be used to support the final fixed denture appliance. After several months of healing, the post will fuse to the jaw and be ready to support a crown, bridge, or full-arch denture.

Caring for Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are a low-maintenance restoration. They do not require frequent adjustments like traditional, removable dentures do. Instead, these oral appliances only call for optimal oral hygiene, including a thorough at-home dental care routine and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and check-ups.

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At Millersville Family Dentistry, we believe in the power of a healthy, stable smile. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of restorative dentistry with our cutting-edge fixed implant denture treatments in Millersville, MD. Prioritizing your comfort and oral health, count on us for seamless results that unlock your healthiest, most radiant smile.

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